A project nearly completed

Next week we will be celebrating the ribbon cutting ceremony with the folks at Sage Financial here in Cincinnati. Check out this sneak preview of some of the “before” images taken during the demolition phase of the project. After the ceremony next week, we will share some “after” images of this beautiful space.

Located on the west side of town, the new brick building with expansive views will really open up the office for a more collaborative atmosphere. Clients will enjoy the modern vibe in an industrial, yet warm space.

A little bit about Sage:
Sage Financial Group is a comprehensive financial services firm committed to helping improve your long-term financial goals. Their customized programs are designed to help grow, preserve, and conserve your wealth by delivering a superior level of personalized service and specialization.

It’s important to us here at Perry Contracting to help bring our client’s visions to reality and create a useful, productive and beautiful environment. We can’t wait to show off the finished result!

Sage web 3

Sage Web 2



Oncology Hematology Center Project in Eden Park

Construction at the new OHC treatment center in Eden Park is underway!

Since 1985, the Oncology Hematology Center (OHC) has served as the region’s premier provider of treatments for cancer and blood disorders. It offers a wide range of specialists and the newest treatments and technologies with a commitment to patient-focused care that is high quality, cost effective and convenient. OHC’s physicians and advanced practice providers have expertise in treating nearly every form of cancer, including bone, brain, breast, head and neck, lung, and prostate. OHC also specializes in the treatment of complex blood disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and various forms of anemia. To learn more visit their website; www.OHCare.com

OHC will be closing its William Howard Taft location and is building a new facility in Eden Park. The Reading Road site is the perfect location on account of access to highways, more parking, and the ability to build the space out to meet its needs.

We are so excited to be working with the OHC again on this new project!
Our first major task is to lower the existing floor approximately 26”. The building had been remodeled many times by former tenants, who had raised the floor to avoid plumbing and sewer issues.

We are lowering that floor to give OHC more head room and the feeling of a larger space; and to address potential plumbing/sewer concerns, we are installing a pump.

In building a space like this, we have to be very cognizant of patient privacy concerns, as in all of our medical build outs. For example, all patient exam rooms will be sound proofed for privacy.

Below are some images showing the work being done to dig out the old raised floor and return it to the previous level.

We will continue to update you on this project!



An update from one our completed projects here in Cincinnati!

This project consisted of installing a new, pitched roof and truss system over top of an existing flat rubber roof that had reached the end of its service life. The project presented many unique challenges from a design and engineering standpoint. The existing building structure which we had to connect new trusses to is over 100 years old.

We also had to design the trusses to fit roof top duct work through the webbing of the trusses. With tight constraints on the height and connection points of the trusses this proved to be a difficult task which required careful design coordination with multiple subcontractors and design professionals all before any trusses could be fabricated.

On top of that, the building code required that all surfaces enclosed by the new roof had to be fire-proof which included the existing rubber roof we were building over.

Tearing the existing roof off was not an option as our client required continued use of the dining facilities below. Our solution was to cover the existing roof deck with a flame retardant gypsum product.

Overall, this was a challenging but well planned and executed project which was completed with no disruptions to our client.



Welcome To Our New Blog

We are very excited about the launch of our new website and the introduction of our weekly blog!

In this blog we will be highlighting a new series called “Project Of The Month” which will include on-site video and interviews of our clients and project partners.

2014 saw many great project successes, and as we begin the New Year, we will be taking on some very interesting and complex projects with unique challenges. Tune in to watch our progress!

We are glad you are with us and excited for the New Year ahead!