Dental and Medical Construction

As mentioned in previous social media posts, Perry Contracting has vast knowledge of medical and dental construction and renovation.

Currently, we are working on several medical projects. You might remember recently reading about one of these: the Oncology Hematology Center in Eden Park, we are happy to announce that this project has been successfully completed!


As unique as the needs are for medical, they are even more so for dental projects, which can provide many different types of challenges. If the office is still seeing patients, we have to be flexible to work around the doctors’ schedules to ensure successful patient appointments, privacy, and uninterrupted experience.

Medical facilities are now moving towards a more comfortable, homelike setting, with designs much less sterile than they used to be. This actually creates another challenge in the design and construction, as there is a higher level of fit and finish to build out.


One of the complex challenges associated with dental projects is the involvement of medical gas and more under-floor services. Dental offices often perform full procedures in the same space that a medical facility will use just for exams.


Another factor for medical job sites is HEPA requirements. There are very specific air quality standards when doing construction on a medical facility still in operation during the construction phase. Special measures must be taken in every phase of the project and upheld by all of our sub-contractors, which is why it is so important to have strong, trusting relationships with them, many of whom we have been working with for over ten years!

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And finally, we must adhere very strictly to completion dates as patients and procedures may be scheduled based on the timeline that we have either set out or agreed to.

So, it is crucial that you partner with a contractor who has proven experience in these areas when thinking about your next medical or dental project.

We are so excited to present our progress in the next few weeks on several of our latest successful medical projects.

Stay tuned.

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