Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from Perry Contracting!

Perry Contracting is a proud member of the US Green Building Council. We strongly believe that protecting our natural resources is the best gift that we can give to our children and future generations. This mindset is part of very project that we are involved with. As a matter of fact, we just completed two projects where we converted all lighting to LED, reducing our clients’ carbon footprints and securing rebates for them, as well.


We always suggest reusing materials when possible. Currently, we are wrapping up a medical project where all cabinetry and doors were re-purposed. Not only is this an excellent use of materials, but it significantly reduces costs for our clients.

When you visit the Perry Contracting office, you may notice that it seems a little dim in the large lobby of our office. When possible, we try to turn all lights off in rooms or areas that are not in use. We are also happy to say that we fill up our large and small recycling containers each week, and managed to reduce the amount of waste that was thrown in our trash can in the last year.

Simple little steps like this can make a large impact if we all follow!

What does your company do to reduce waste and save energy?

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