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OHC (Oncology Hematology Care Inc.), is a premier group of physicians and staff dedicated to the treatment of cancer and disorders of the blood. They are the largest independent group of their type in the region.

Perry Contracting began their working relationship with OHC in 2009 with the construction of OHC’s 8000 square foot Anderson office in the Mercy Hospital medical office building. Since that time we have completed dozens of projects for OHC, some as simple as modifying small offices up to the recent construction of their 10,000 square foot Eden Park state of the art treatment facility.

In the summer of 2015, OHC needed to vacate their Wilmington office and were under severe time constraints to renovate and open in a new Wilmington location. Because of the way we performed for them in the past, OHC turned to Perry Contracting Inc., to meet this challenge. We had one month to renovate the new space for OHC in order for them to have no down time and the resulting inconvenience for their patients. We overcame unforeseen issues along the way such as walls planned to be removed for the remodel that were found to be structural and required significant framing modifications. We also found much of the wiring not to be medical grade, even though the facility had been previously used as a medical office, requiring much of the space to be rewired. Despite all of the surprises and the challenge of such a short schedule, Perry Contracting achieved the required completion date and OHC opened their new Wilmington facility on time.

Upon the completion of this project, the business manager for OHC wrote the following letter of recommendation.

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July 10, 2015

Dear Interested Parties,

Over the last 10 years OHC has worked with Perry Contracting on numerous projects from small retro fitting of some of our clinics to building out entirely new state of the art cancer centers.

Perry has always been a partner, not just another vendor and always understands OHC’s mission of putting patients first and what we desire from the project at hand.

Their level of diligence, competence, insight and understanding OHC’s needs and requirements and the inter-action with OHC is what you always desire and rarely achieve in today’s business environment and landscape. Perry’s ability to be that partner has led to OHC making beneficial and impactful adjustments to projects under Perry’s guidance and suggestions.

The levels of professionalism, skill sets, quality of work, honesty and integrity that the Perry team exhibits sets them apart from almost all other vendors we have encountered over the years. OHC, in projects in which we do not have the lead have encountered some big name contractors who could take some leads and lessons from Perry Contracting.

Perry’s ability to work in concert with our architect has avoided some pitfalls that I know exist between other architects and contractors. This has always led to smooth transitions throughout projects. Under Jim Perry’s leadership they always bring projects home on schedule and just recently performed a herculean task in bringing home a substantial project within a very short time frame. We seriously doubt that others could have performed that task. That’s what great partners do.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are desirous of anything further.

David Ritter
Director – Facilities and Procurement Management
OHC Specialists in Cancer & Blood Disorders

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