St. John Fisher Elevator

Perry Contracting Inc. was recently involved in the design phase of renovations at St. John Fisher Parish in Newtown, Ohio. This article describes the installation of a Machine Roomless (MRL) elevator, only the third elevator of this type to be installed in Cincinnati.

Traditionally, low rise buildings have had hydraulic elevators that require a machine room to house the hydraulic pump, fluid reservoir, and other elevator equipment. This machine room occupies valuable floor space and requires construction dollars to build it and maintenance dollars to condition and light it.

Recent innovations in elevator technology have made it possible, in many instances, to eliminate the machine room. This is accomplished by placing the hydraulic reservoir and pump in the elevator pit just below the elevator cab, and placing the elevator electronics panel in the wall of the elevator shaft adjacent to the door. This new type of elevator is referred to as a Machine Roomless (MRL) elevator. I had read several articles about MRL elevators in trade magazines and thought it could be of benefit to our clients that require elevators.

Prior to our involvement in the project, the plan had been to install a conventional hydraulic elevator with a machine room carved out of their already cramped lower level storage. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity for us to recommend the new style MRL elevator. We held discussions with ThyssenKrupp about their MRL elevator design and reviewed the existing conditions at St. John Fisher. Satisfied that the MRL elevator presented a better option than a traditional elevator with a machine room, and with the blessing (pun intended) of the parish building committee, Perry Contracting partnered with ThyssenKrupp to install a new MRL Elevator.

While it is slightly more expensive initially, this added cost is more than offset by the savings of not having to build the machine room. Combine the net savings in project cost of an MRL elevator with the floor space we were able to preserve in St. John Fisher’s already cramped storage area, and this decision was a big win for the parish.

If you have any questions about our experience with the MRL elevator, feel free to contact me.

For some great visuals and more information on ThyssenKrupp’s MRL Elevator visit

Jim Perry


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