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If you have ever read the “Giving Back” page of our website,  you already know that Perry Contracting donates to many charitable organizations. Well, this month we have one more to add to that list: The Dayton Foodbank. As part of a team put together by the Ohio Valley Association of Builders and Contractors (OVABC), Perry Contracting recently participated in the CANstruction charity event at the Dayton mall.

As part of this event, participants were tasked to design a structure to be built out of canned goods, solicit donations to buy the canned goods, and finally build the structure that was designed.  The OVABC and Perry Contracting chose to build a water well made entirely of Bush’s Baked Beans!  We also decided we would fill the well with bottled water and post a sign encouraging mall patrons to donate a bit of extra money by throwing it into the well. All cans and proceeds from the CANstruction charity went directly to the Dayton Foodbank. This was a great way to lend our talents as builders, have some fun, and help a worthy charity all at the same time!

We are already thinking about our designs for next year!

To learn more about how you can join the OVABC or how to help the Dayton Foodbank, click the links below!

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