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The Coronavirus pandemic has made the cleaning and disinfecting of offices of paramount importance. This is especially true of dental and medical offices.  Perry Contracting now has experience with a technology that can greatly assist with the disinfection of such spaces.  This technology is called “Bi-Polar Ionization” and a basic explanation of how it works is as follows: Bi-Polar ionizers installed in the air stream of your office HVAC systems create a bioclimate rich in positively and negatively charged oxygen atoms.  In an effort to restabilize (lose the positive or negative charge), these bipolar ions seek out atoms and molecules in the air to trade electrons with.  This action effectively neutralizes particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, odorous gases and VOCs.  This disinfection occurs in the air in the ductwork, the air in office spaces, and even on surfaces.  Bi-Polar ionizers can be installed during dental office construction or medical office construction or renovation.  They can also easily be retrofitted on HVAC systems in existing offices.

Let Perry Contracting give you another tool to enhance the disinfecting protocols you already use and improve the safety and cleanliness of your office.  Call Mike Cronin at our office for more information. 513-351-9999

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