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Fruits of our Labor!

Through strong and trusting cooperation with each project team, even the biggest challenges can become success stories. From day one, our foundation has been based on taking care of our clients and their needs. We are proud to say that the majority of our projects consist of repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients. Meet a few of them:

We have been doing business with Perry Contracting Inc. for over 20 years and have found them to be very dedicated to providing the best service possible.  We have worked together on as many as forty or more construction projects during this time.

Perry Contracting provides day-to-day support to us for both small and large projects.  When remodeling takes place within an occupied office, the comments we receive from office employees are always positive and reflect Perry’s professionalism while on the job.  There is always a teamwork atmosphere with the sub-contractors who speak very highly of Perry’s work practices.

Jim Perry, the owner, has the most upstanding work ethic.  He not only makes himself available whenever needed, but does so with a positive attitude and helpful manner.  He is a pleasure to work with and often goes way beyond what is expected to make certain our requirements are met.  This high standard of service extends throughout his organization.

Robert N. Sibcy

Over the last 10 years, OHC has worked with Perry Contracting, Inc. on numerous projects from small retro fitting of some of our clinics to building out entirely new, state of the art cancer centers. Perry has always been a partner, not just another vendor and always understands OHC’s mission of putting patients first and what we desire from the project at hand.

The level of professionalism, skill sets, quality of work, honesty and integrity the Perry team exhibits sets them apart from almost all other vendors we have encountered over the years. OHC, in projects in which we do not have the lead, have encountered some big-name contractors who could take some leads and lessons from Perry Contracting.

Perry’s ability to work in concert with our architect has avoided some pitfalls that I know exist between other architects and contractors. This has always led to smooth transitions throughout our projects. Under Jim Perry’s leadership they always bring projects home on schedule and just recently performed a herculean task in bringing home a substantial project within a very short time frame. We seriously doubt that others could have performed that task. That’s what great partners do.

David Ritter
Director – Facilities and Procurement Management
OHC Specialists in Cancer & Blood Disorders

Saint John Fisher Parish

We hired Perry Contracting to complete a major construction project to remodel over 8,000 sq. feet of office and meeting space.  The construction lasted about four months and we were very pleased not only with the final product, but also with how smoothly the process flowed.  The crew was very professional and friendly and focused not only on the big picture but the small, equally important details as well.  They made it a point to keep the common areas clean, which may sound insignificant to some but to us was a very critical detail since we had office staff, parishioners and guests continually using the areas surround the construction.

Communication was clear and frequent and we were kept apprised of the project status.  Any issues were immediately brought to our attention and Jim and the field Superintendent were always available to answer our questions, working with us to determine the best solution with our needs in mind rather than what best suited them.  Flexibility was a key component of the project, since without much notice we had to delay construction because of a funeral or other church functions, but Jim and his crew were understanding and adapted well to the schedule changes.

As is typical in most construction projects, variances from the original plan did occur, though infrequently.  Jim and his crew responded by handling the modifications with patience and professionalism and it was evident they were more concerned with our satisfaction rather than any inconvenience it may have caused them.

This clearly wasn’t just a contractor doing another job – they were completing a project with us, not for us.

Business Manager
St. John Fisher Church

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the work you and your team provided for the recently completed SEM Haven Health & Residential Care Center Gathering Room Project.  This somewhat small but challenging project consisted of interior renovation work of a large multi-purpose gathering room, a small commercial food service / gifts area, renovations to associated support areas, corridors, offices, reception area and a sun room.  Additionally, the project included a new exterior patio and garden area accessed through a new large entrance.

The successful completion of the project is a testament to you and your companies’ high level of professionalism.  The well thought-out pre-planning, consistent communication and organization that you and your team demonstrated throughout the process, was vital in keeping the project moving forward and the owner informed.  I’m pleased and confident that your efforts are what kept the patients and residences safe during the construction!

Whether it was the unexpected conditions that were discovered, or the tight dimensional requirements, your team addressed these issues with minimal impact to the schedule and budget.  And whenever you and your team had questions, or discovered issues during construction, you typically offered practical suggestions which kept additional costs at a minimum while maintaining the integrity of our design.

Thanks again for your hard work, and we look forward to working together again soon on another project!

Michael T. Reddell, Assoc. AIA
Associate / Project Manager

I am writing to commend and thank you for the outstanding work at the Anderson offices of Drs. Silverstein and Parker.  It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team over the past months.  I can honestly say that this has been one of the most enjoyable projects of 2012.

As you know, medical offices can become quite complex in dealing with the specialty cabinetry, equipment and specific functions.  In addition it seems as though dental offices, in particular, become an exercise in space utilization and management.  The OVCPI is no exception.  Your team handled the pressures of the construction flawlessly.  You did not skip a beat when confronted with the day to day issues of such technical construction.  I find it very impressive that you not only delivered the project within budget but also as scheduled.

Perhaps the most impressive attribute of Perry Contracting is its people.  Each Perry employee shares the common belief that the client comes first.  Each treats the client with respect in a responsive manner.  I know the doctors and their staff share my thoughts and appreciate your team of dedicated professionals.  It is rare to work with a group of such outstanding individuals that place an emphasis on customer service.

Mark D. Bredemeir, RA, NCARB, LEEd AP
KBA Incorporated Architects

We wanted to express how happy we have been with Perry Contracting during our medical office renovation.  Everyone on the crew did an outstanding job!  We especially appreciate how you worked with our architect to keep the renovation moving forward and to resolve the unanticipated problems with the project.  We know you had a very short time frame in which to complete the project, and everyone willingly put in the necessary extra hours to meet that deadline.  You always kept us informed of any issues or problems that occurred that impacted the scope or timing of the projects, such as building permits being delayed or the availability or delivery times of a few of our design selections.  We found your overall bid for the project to be very competitive and the only additional costs to the project were the extra items that we asked you to do.

All the members of the Perry crew were polite, professional, dedicated and very accommodating to our requests for the project.  They were also very respectful of our workplace and kept it as neat and clean as possible as the renovation was progressing.   Thanks for the great job!

Kim Egan, CMM
Practice Administrator
Anderson Hills Pediatrics, Inc.

I wanted to express our appreciation for the excellent renovation work that Perry Contracting did at our Middletown facility.  Even though we are a 7 day-a-week, 14 hour-a-day operation, the process was much smoother than I expected.  The crew and subs were very accommodating and easy to work with.  Your assistance throughout the project was especially helpful and appreciated.  The end product was a very nice looking building.

Paul Amrhein